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How I configure Intellij Idea 11 for Android, AndroidAnnotations 2.6 and maven

I know there are many many posts about this. This is a summary of how I do, so I can have a place for copy paste.
1. Create your project with Android Maven Plugin Read the GettingStarted You can run this command to get the basic structure: mvn archetype:generate \ -DarchetypeArtifactId=android-quickstart \ \ -DarchetypeVersion=1.0.8 \ -DgroupId=com.tagonsoft \ -DartifactId=ExampleApp Add/Edit the dependency to android: 2. Add AndroidAnnotations to maven pom.xml com.googlecode.androidannotationsandroidannotations2.6providedcom.googlecode.androidannotationsandroidannotationsapi2.6 3. Configure Idea compiler Like so:
I couldn't get it to work with processor from classpath, so I use the path from maven repo:
/work/libs/mvnrepo/com/googlecode/androidannotations/androidannotations/2.6/androidannotations-2.6.jar Add as processor FQ name: