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Mohana- the witch of bring-a-thing

This week we were asked something to bring a thing for "Bring A Thing", a kind of charity activity at work. I brought a kind of jack in the box witch. Then I was asked to write a  story about it. I thing it got out pretty well and I wanted to share it with you To fully understand the story you should watch South Park , listen to some Manowar and live in Romania. It is still funny if you haven't done any of this, but... Here it is: Once upon a time in the land of far away yet so close you could feel it lived little Timmy. He was a handicapped kid walking around in his wheel chair and singing Abba all day. Timmy’s life was quite boring and ordinary, except when playing tanki online. He was a true champion then. One day his parents wanted to surprise Timmy. So they sent little Timmy to leave with aunt whom he had never seen or heard of, Florgonzola . Oh boy, finally an adventure, thought the child. And finally he arrived. The weather was not so nice. It