Mohana- the witch of bring-a-thing

This week we were asked something to bring a thing for "Bring A Thing", a kind of charity activity at work.
I brought a kind of jack in the box witch. Then I was asked to write a  story about it.
I thing it got out pretty well and I wanted to share it with you
To fully understand the story you should watch South Park , listen to some Manowar and live in Romania. It is still funny if you haven't done any of this, but...

Here it is:

Once upon a time in the land of far away yet so close you could feel it lived little Timmy.
He was a handicapped kid walking around in his wheel chair and singing Abba all day.
Timmy’s life was quite boring and ordinary, except when playing tanki online. He was a true champion then.
One day his parents wanted to surprise Timmy. So they sent little Timmy to leave with aunt whom he had never seen or heard of, Florgonzola.
Oh boy, finally an adventure, thought the child.
And finally he arrived. The weather was not so nice. It was autumn and raining, but hey, the tickets were cheaper because it was off-season.
So T is now with his ugly, quite stupid aunt. No adventure here, disappointed.
But wait, there is a forest near by. So, putting his off-road tires on his wheel chair the boy sets up for a quest.
In the middle of the forest there was an old house, seemed quite deserted.
The boy rushed in. After an hour he finally made it in to find an empty poor house.
“I’ll come at night, there must be a ghost here, or at least a spider, or a possessed squirrel, or maybe the wind will blow through the window to make buhuhu”. So the boy went every night, but still nothing special.
So the sixth night he arrived at his aunt home yet again disappointed, with his off-road tires torn apart by the sharp rocks of reality.
He entered the house to find what?
Florgonzola had transformed into an uglier, stupider witch, making soup out of weed and a bleeding deer leg.
“Come in, welcome desert”, she said. The boy understood that it made sense, it was also the sixth hour and the sixth minute, almost as much as some presidency lasted in some countries.
The boy was now terrified. He started to cry and swirl around until his tires caught fire. Then he decided to call his friends.
So he started his mp3 player and the “kings of metal” appeared from their kingdom of steel.
Using their sharp minds and their powerful guitars they enslaved the witch. Their music was not so good, but at least they were loud.
With her last words she promised that if she were to live she will only do good and change her name and looks to more nicer things.
The kings accepted with their kind minds.
Florgonzola was baptized under the sign of Odin all-powerful. Now she is named “MOHANA”. The kings of metal were pleased with yet another successful mission and the boy was given a steel horse called Pegus (because Pegas was a bike).
But she was still punished to live in a box.

From time to time she appears from the box to scare the bad thoughts and the bad enchantments around people, bringing luck and fortune.

Did you hear about the witch who was ashamed of her long black hair?
She always wore long gloves to cover it up.


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