Religions with a sense of humor

I just love it when a religion has a sense of humor.
Discordianists are my favorite.
Today I came across The TriPrimality from subgenius:

The TriPrimality:
"Bob" is.
"Bob" becomes.
"Bob" is not.
Nothing is; Nothing becomes; Nothing is not. Thus: Nothing Is Everything.
  Therefore: Everything is "Bob."

"I don't practice what I preach, because I'm not the kind of person I'm preaching to."--Bob
You have to admit that is funny.
And I can't close without mentioning my favorite religious person, Robert Anton Wilson.

"Spectacles, testicles, brandy, cigars -- you're all popes! You're all absolutely infallible. I have the authority to appoint anyone a Discordian Pope, because I'm a Discordian Pope. The first rule after you become a Discordian Pope is to excommunicate every Discordian Pope you meet. This is based on the basic Discordian principle that we Discordians must stick apart."  - RAW

so, what can I say ?

"Spectacles, testicles, brandy, cigars -- you're all popes! "


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